Sunday, October 21, 2012

he texted

When I'm "kind of talking to a guy" I'm strategic. Text messages are planned out and timed for perfect execution.

And then I get drunk and fuck it all up. But those are some stories for another day.

Luckily my friends are geniuses at well written text messages and at talking about guys during brunch.

He Texted ( is the virtual version of sitting over mimosas and reading way too far into a text message. Oh, and I like judging the stupid shit girls say to guys they like.

But, I have my own interesting text message to decode. This is from my high school sweetheart who is still devastatingly hot, in a long term relationship, and is kind of an asshole (just my type).

So, think he's into me?

All Time New Low isn't falling for that bullshit 

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